Largest collection of Iron Man memorabilia
Miguel Andrés Javier Hidalgo
1,548 total number
بيرو (Lima)

The largest collection of Iron Man memorabilia consists of 1,548 items and was achieved by Miguel Andrés Javier Hidalgo (Peru), in Lima, Peru, on 24 April 2021.

Miguel feels a particular affinity towards Marvel superhero Iron Man:

"I always enjoyed his sense of humor, his spontaneity to say what he thinks and feels, and his calm and lightness to face adverse situations. I can even say that I enjoy and laugh at his qualities considered 'negative' as well as his arrogance, arrogance and triviality. I like that he's not a 'perfect' superhero."

Miguel also uses his collection to inspire reading in children:

"In Peru, according to statistics, children read on average less than 2 books a year. I have started some initiatives to stimulate the reading of books through my Iron Man collection. I have a dream to build a library with a large number of books of different types, where children and adolescents can go every afternoon and find a comfortable environment that motivates them to read, inspired by the Iron Man character. I am convinced that achieving the Guinness World Records title can open up opportunities for me to develop initiatives like these."