Greatest distance in 24 hours by mouth controlled motorised wheelchair
Ian Mackay
295.79 kilometre(s)
الولايات المتحدة الامريكية (Portland)
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The greatest distance in 24 hours by mouth controlled motorised wheelchair is 295.79 km and was achieved by Ian Mackay (USA) in Portland, Oregon, USA, on 21 June 2022.

Ian Mackay sustained a spinal cord injury while riding my bicycle in 2008 and has been confined to a power wheelchair ever since. One of his passions before becoming a quadriplegic was long distance rides on his bike. He continued this passion in his power wheelchair and have done some lengthy rides over the past six years. He wanted to continue and push his limits, so he started looking at Guinness World Records titles that involved a power wheelchair. He found that there had already been a record set for the furthest distance traveled in 24 hours by a mouth controlled motorized wheelchair and wanted to attempt the challenge. Ian is the Executive Director of a small nonprofit: Ian’s Ride. The nonprofit’s mission is to help create a more accessible outdoors. Ian has not missed a day riding outside for at least a mile since October 31, 2016. His work with outdoor accessibility has also involved demonstrating long rides in his power wheelchair. In 2016, 2018 and 2020 Ian did cross state rides throughout the US demonstrating the need for accessible infrastructure and durable equipment for the outdoors