Fastest completion of the Goodwood hillclimb course
McMurtry Automotive Limited, Max Chilton
39.08 second(s)
المملكة المتحدة (Chichester)

The fastest completion of the Goodwood hillclimb course is 39.08 seconds, and was achieved by Max Chilton and and McMurtry Automotive Limited (Both UK) at the Goodwood Festival of Speed event in Chicester, United Kingdom, on 26 June 2022.

The outright Goodwood Festival of Speed was broken by the coupling of former F1 driver Max Chilton and the Innovative and crazy looking McMurtry Spéirling fan car.

The time thrashes Nick Heidfeld's previous Timed Shootout record of 41.6 seconds which has stood since the 1999 Festival of Speed achieved in a formula one car, by 2.6 seconds! It's also quicker than the 39.9 second practice run by Romain Dumas in the Volkswagen ID.R in 2019

The car disappears off the line akin to a rocket ship, and that likeness continues on all the way up the Hill with the sound from the innovative fan system and motors making it whir and buzz throughout the entirety of the run.

The fan system as mentioned is used to suck the car to the ground similar to that of a very fast vacuum cleaner, allowing the vehicle to corner like a slot car and insane speeds. No vehicle has ever cornered at such effortless speed, coupled with its instant acceleration in a straight line, the future of motorsport is here and it's very very fast.