Fastest speed achieved by wind-powered land yacht
Glenn Ashby, Emirates Team NZ
222.4 kilometre(s) per hour
أستراليا (Gairdner Lake)

The highest speed officially recorded for a land yacht is 222.4 km/h (138.2 mph) by Horonuku, piloted by Glenn Ashby (Australia), at Lake Gairdner, South Australia, Australia, on 12 December 2022. The yacht was designed and built by Emirates Team New Zealand.

In Maori, Horonuku means “gliding swiftly across the land “, a name apparently not chosen at random by Emirates Team New Zealand, because they succeeded in their intent by achieving an impressive 222.4 km/h in just 22 knots of true wind, racing across the salty surface of Lake Gairdner in South Australia.

Piloting Horonuku was Glenn Ashby, a professional sailor with an outstanding career behind: The team and I are obviously buzzing to have sailed Horonuku at a speed faster than anyone has ever before powered only by the wind – said Ashby – But in saying that we know Horonuku has a lot more speed in it when we get more wind and better conditions. So for sure there is a cause for a celebration, but this isn’t the end.

This record was ratified by the international governing body FISLY (Federation Internationale de Sand et Land Yachting).