Largest structure demolished (by volume, controlled demolition)
Controlled Demolition Incorporated (CDI)
الولايات المتحدة الامريكية (Seattle)

The largest structure (by volume) to be demolished by explosives was the 19.821 million cu. m. (70 million cu. ft.) Kingdome indoor arena in Seattle, Washington, USA, on March 26, 2000. The demolition was carried out by Controlled Demolition Incorporated, who used 2,131 kg. (4,700 lb.) of explosives and 35.4 km. (22 miles) of detonating wire.

By comparison, the 25-storey Hudson Building in Detroit, Michigan, USA, which became the tallest building ever demolished in 1998, had a volume of 62,297 cu. m. (2.2 million cu. ft.).