Largest living cat
الولايات المتحدة الامريكية (Myrtle Beach)

The largest living cat is Hercules, an adult male liger (lion x tigress hybrid) currently housed at Myrtle Beach Safari, a wildlife reserve in South Carolina, USA. In total length, he measures 3.33 m (131 in), stands 1.25 m (49 in) at the shoulder, and weighs 418.2 kg (922 lb).

Hercules eats around 13.6 kg (30 lb) of meat – about the same weight as a two-year-old child – every day, washed down with several litres of water.

His brother, Sinbad, is slightly taller, but is also lighter. Hercules has four nephews which were born in 2014, Yeti, Odin, Sampson and Apollo. These are the first white ligers ever born with Yeti being the largest of the litter.