Tallest residential building
Central Park Tower, Extell Development Company
472.4 metre(s)
الولايات المتحدة الامريكية (New York)

The tallest residential building is the Central Park Tower, located in New York City, USA. This 472.4-m (1,550-ft) skyscraper contains 179 luxury apartments along with common areas and amenities (including a rooftop pool, gym and private members club). The tower is owned by the Extell Development Company (USA) and was topped out 16 October 2019.

This style of building has emerged as a consequence of sky-high real-estate values, which make it commercially viable to build slim residential towers on small, awkwardly shaped lots. In order to recoup the costs of construction on a tower like this the apartments have to sell for thousands of dollars per square foot (apartments in the Central Park Tower are reportedly selling for more than $7,000 per square foot, which is more than three times the average for Manhattan – and that's already the highest-priced real estate in America).

The cheapest units in the building reportedly sold for prices in excess of $6 million, and the larger upper storey apartments were listed for $63 million. The penthouse suite, which occupies the top three floors and features an outdoor roof terrace, has not been publicly listed, but is expected to sell for more than $100 million.